Towa SX-680 Electronic Cash Register

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: 190327369
: Towa
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Universal Key cover for cash registers-Keyboards:
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Product Information:

  • With Superior design and extra value, SX-680 provides the answer for today’s management.
  • Stylish Good Looks plus Powerful, Reliable Performance
  • Easy to Use at the Point of Sale
  • Compact, Low Profile, Small Footprint
  • Loaded with Highly Desirable Features for Hospitality and Retailing
  • For Retailers: Inventory Control Across IRC Network
  • Sales made on all SX-680s in an IRC network can be updated in the master terminal and stock of each article can be reported.
  • Bar Code ‘Learning’
  • When new items are scanned for the first time SX-680 ‘learns’ the barcode, requests entry of the price and stores the information for future recognition.
  • Multi Buy/Mix and Match
  • Items may be discounted when a certain quantity is bought. These items can be entered or scanned in any order and the discount deducted automatically when the correct quantity is reached. Alternatively, mixed item promotional offers can be created.
  • Scale Connection
  • SX-680 can be connected to a scale so that the weight, unit price, and its total amount can be printed on the receipt.
  • Loyalty Point Incentive
  • SX-680 updates customers’ loyalty points totals when they make purchases.
  • For Hospitality: Table Management
  • Orders may be stored and recalled as additional items are ordered. Bills can be issued on the integral 58mm printer or optionally on a wide bill printer.
  • Table Transfer/Split Bill
  • Customers at a table can split the bill or transfer the bill to another table if joining friends. Drinks served in the bar can be transferred to the customers table in the restaurant.
  • Floating Server
  • Servers may start or finalize food and drink orders on any SX-680 in the system, avoiding queues at the registers and speeding food and drink orders to the kitchen and bar.
  • Happy Hour
  • Prices of items can shift automatically by time for special orders.

Main Hardware Features :

  • Heavy-duty 58mm x 2 Thermal Printers in ‘Drop-in’ Paper-loading Mechanism
  • N26 Heavy-duty (4.5 or 6 Bills/6 or 8 Coin Compartments)
  • Drawer with 1.5 meter cable (can be remotely sited)
  • 2-line Alpha Numeric Display for operator and customer
  • 3 x RS232C Ports for PC, Scanner, Kitchen/Slip Printers and Scale Connection
  • 2 x IRC ports for up to 8 Master-Satellite connection

Main Software Features :

  • Inter Register Communication for up to 8 ECRs
  • 8,000 standard PLUs
  • Floating Guest and Memory Billing
  • Floating Server
  • Table Transfer/Split Bill
  • Happy-hour with auto price change by time
  • External guest check printer
  • Customized Graphic Loading Logo
  • Bar code ‘Learning’ •
  • Euro/Foreign Currency Conversion (up to 5 FCs)
  • Built-in Simple Inventory Control Function
  • Multi Buy/Mix and Match
  • Loyalty Points and Coupon
  • Lottery and Numbered Ticket Issue
  • Macro key (64 Macro Keys, a macro key can replace up to 8 key steps)
  • PC, Scanner, Kitchen/Bill Printer and Scale Connection
  • Promotion Items (up to 8 promotional items per clerk)
  • 99 Condiments

Specification :

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): Body: 350 x 429 x 188mm Drawer: 410 x 415 x 114mm
  • Weight: Body: 14.50 lbs. Drawer: 14.10 lbs.
  • Power Source: 117V/220V/230V/240V
  • Power Consumption: 38W
  • Memory: CMOS-RAM
  • Memory Back-up Time: 500 hours
  • Printer: Thermal 58mm printer x 2
  • Printing Speed: 13 lines/second

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