Towa FX-400 Electronic Cash Register

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: Towa
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The FX-400 is heavy duty, reliable and flexible for your wide variety of business, such as retail stores and hospitality business. The easy of operation makes FX-400 an ideal system for hard working location where durability and speed of service are valuable assets. At the price of basic cash register, the FX-400 provides a combination of features not available on the ones of much higher cost. The smarter ECR for retailing and hospitality locations where durability and speed of service are essential. Advanced business control plus easy of operation make the FX-400 the ideal choice for hard -working environment. Quality-build and feature-rich, the FX-400 can be easily customized to meet individual needs.

Front and Rear(lift and rotate to any angle) display

  • Heavy Duty Epson CR812A 2(two) Station Printer(2.5 lines per Second)
  • 12 Departments
  • 320 PLUs
  • Automatic Tax Computation with Straight Percent Rate or Table
  • Cash, Check, Credit Card Tendering
  • Receipts can be issued after sales
  • Heavy Duty Metal Drawer with 8 coins/4 bills and adjustable partitions
  • Dimensions: 39x41x41.5cm, 17Kg

Specifications :

  • Departments / PLUs :
    • Up to 40 departments, 999 PLUs
    • All Soft Keys (Programmable keyboard) : Negative Departments for discounts, vouchers and etc.
    • 10 Groups for Items
  • Operators :
    • 25 operators with ID numbers
    • Start/Finish Time Hours Worked for Operators
    • Auto-Hold by time delay (programmable)
    • Training mode
  • Tendering :
    • 4 Methods of Payment
    • VAT inclusive or Tax Add-on
    • 4 foreign currencies and Euro compliant
  • Security Functions and Options :
    • High Amount Lock Out
    • Compulsory Drawer with alarm (programmable)
    • Password for operators and reports
    • Count the number of times pressed non-Sales key and/or Clear Key by each operator
    • Compulsory on Cash Declaration, Sub Total and Change computation
    • Cash Drawer with lock
    • Bill holding lever in the cash tray
  • Display :
    • Front and Rear(lift and rotate to any angle) display
  • Printer :
    • Fast printing on 44mm Separate Receipt and Journal
    • Fully Itemized Receipt after sales are done with interrupts
    • Validation
    • Heavy-duty Epson CR812A Printer
  • Reports :
    • Prints Reports by Operators in the order of Sales Value
    • Time Clock Reports including hours worked
    • Operator's Reports on duty currently
    • Daily Group Report
    • Daily Training Report
    • Daily Cash in Drawer Report
    • Daily Operator Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) Full Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) PLU Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) Cash in Drawer Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) Operator Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) Group Report
    • Weekly(or Monthly) Training Report
  • Key Board Cover :
    • Water proof key board cover(Standard)
  • Drawer :
    • Heavy Duty Metal Drawer with 8 coins/4 bills and adjustable partitions
  • Dimensions :
    • 41 (16.1") x 41.5 (16.3") x 31 (12.2")cm, 11.5Kg (25.4lb)

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