SAM4s ER-5115 II Cash Registers

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The SAM4s ER-5115II is an affordable plain paper dot-matrix printing 
electronic cash register now features fast reliable Epson M-U420 
receipt/jounral printer with easy-to-use single-line validation.
  • Compatible with popular RS-232C options.
  • Program Save/Load PC Utility
  • 2 station, 9 pin bi-directional dot-matrix printing.
  • 15, expabdable to 40 programmable departments.
  • 1,000 price look-ups (PLUs) with stock counter.
  • Cash, check, and 2 charge tendering keys.
  • Four clerks or cashiers.
  • 12 character department, clerk, and PLU descriptors.
  • 21 character, 6 line programmable receipt message.
  • 3 menu levels.
  • 5 macro keys.
  • Transaction cancel
  • Food stamp sorting and tendering.
  • Gallonage calculation.
  • Add check or tray subtotal.
  • Hash departments.
  • Daily sales report for 31 days.
  • Validation.


 Programmable Keyboard PLUs Expandable to 40 The ER-5115II includes programmable, 12 character alpha descriptors for each PLU. Each PLU is individually 
programmable to serve a wide range of needs. PLUs may be open, with a high amount limit, or assigned a preset price. Additional PLU options include food stamp and 
gallonage functions. In addition you can use the versatile level shift function for small, medium and large items, or breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

1000 Price Look-Ups With 1000 PLUs standard you can track fast moving items with preset PLUs or report additional product breakdowns by entering sales into open 
price PLUs. PLUs have extensive programmability including stock counter. Plus, PLU to PLU linking may be implemented to add bottle deposits automatically.

21 Group Totals Conveniently divide your PLUs into 21 major group categories. An item’s sales can be reported to two different sales groups simultaneously. This 
allows, for example, sales reporting by department and sub-department. One glance at your group report will keep you informed – without requiring a time consuming
analysis of your PLU reports.

Up to 7 Media Keys Use cash, check and up to 5 different charge keys. Discounts, Surcharges and Coupons Assign up to five keys for discounts, surcharges, store
or manufacturer coupon keys.

Security and Management Control Programmable options let you enforce the appropriate level of security for your business. Among many options, you can control 
coupons, discounts, voids, refunds, cancels and negative sales. Plus, the ER-5115II provides strict cash control with enforced
closed drawer.

Reliable System Components The ER-5115II features a heavy duty dot matrix printer, a large easy to read operator display, a standard pop-up customer display and a full size steel cash drawer with two media slots,security lock and a removable 5 bill / 5 

coin drawer insert


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